About Gear Geeks Live

Gear Geeks Live was born when a quick search revealed that there were no regular podcasts about EDC gear.  Aaron joined and work pulled him away and Andrew came on board.  Now things have stabilized and the show has three hosts.  We’ll have guests once in a while, but basically this three dudes talking about gear and drinking a little.  Every episode has the same structure:

1.  Virtual Pocket Dump: In this segment we talk about what we carried that day and what we did with it.

2. New and News: In this segment we cruise around the gear community to see what happened and talk about new releases or stuff any of us have recently received for review or purchase (on to flip, in Aaron’s case :)…).

3.  Main Topic: In this segment we have a free form discussion about a single, focused topic and then we go off on random tangents for a good portion of the time.

4. Mail Bag and Announcements: The last segment usually involves answering a question from emails or twitter or announcements about contests and contest winners.

It is a lot of fun to record these episodes and all three folks bring something different and unique to the table.  We all have different things we like and dislike and at least two of us are really gabby.