Gear Geeks Live Episode 98–2017 GOTYs and SHOT 2018

This episode has two topics–our favorite gear of 2017 and SHOT 2018 previews.  Nick is again on the show.


Nick: Olamic Swish, Vision Metal Pen, Omega watch

Tony: Benchmade Proper, Surefire Titan Plus, TWSBI Eco



Knife: Busker

Pen: TiScribe Bolt

Light Thrunite Neutron

Pack: Nutsack Satchel Pro

Honorable Mention: Spyderco Shaman


Knife: Proper

Pen: TWSBI Eco T

Light: Muyshondt Beagle

Packs: MR Urban Assault

Bonus story line: death of spinners