Gear Geeks Live Episode 90: EDC Get Rec’d

Nick and I took listener submissions for gear recommendations and thanks to Urban EDC Supply, one rec request was chosen as a winner and gets a $50 gift certificate for any of the lush pocket gems Urban EDC Supply sells. Here are the recommendations:

Nasty Trigger wanted a good food prep knife.

Nick: Endura or Opinel

Me: Perceval La Francais, Spyderco Chaparral, CSC Boy’s Knife

4rmless wanted an inoffensive knife

Nick: A traditional folder, a Swiss Army Knife

Me: Spyderco Roadie

Gadgetman 7 wanted a keychain light

Nick: Manker LAD

Me: UltraTac K18

Johnmatsubayashi wanted nice looking light other than the Beta QR

Nick: Whiff

Me: Lumitop Worm

Mike Rixman wanted a bag to carry a dog in that had MOLLE and could take a patch

Nick: Whiff

Me: Skookam Dog Citizen Canine

Mike Rixman also wanted a knife that would challenge your sensibilities

Nick: Razel or ZT452

Me: Ver Steeg Imp or EPK

Grayson wanted a knife that had lots of complex criteria involving hipsters, old people yadda yadda

Nick: Pakkawood Delica

Me: Shinola Benchmade Valet

Grayson also wanted on knife/light combo for all time

Nick: Slycz Bowie and Fenix UC35

Me: Small Shamwari and Aeon Mk. 3

EDC Dad wanted a modern folder for Dads

Nick: Urban Trapper, Mnandi, Valet

Me: DF2, Gerber Dime, AG Russell K12

Everdaygary wanted to know what our desert island knife would be

Nick: Spydie Chef

Me: PM2 in M390

Cedric and Ada wanted an Apple watch replacement

Nick: Citizen Perpetual

Me: Damasko DA36

Everydaygary wanted our two knife set ups

Nick: a Traditional and a Modern folder

Me: Whiff

Stonehurstknive wanted a bombproof light

We both agreed: HDS Rotary