Gear Geeks Live Episode 21: EDC Minimalism and a Can of Moose Fat

This one is Super Sized, clocking in at 1:55.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Tony: HDS Rotary Executive 200 and the Strider PT CC

Andrew: Sunwayman Thunder Hammer and Small Sebenza

Dan (from Blade Hogue EX04, 47s MLR2

Ben: Higonokami, Peak Eiger

New Stuff and News:

We discuss the trend towards using high end tool steels, as seen in knives like the Cru Wear Spyderco Military and the PD#1 StridersHere is the datasheet on CruWear.  Here is the datasheet on PD#1.

Tony got in a slew of stuff for review: the S’well Bottle, the Kaweco Sport, the HDS Rotary Executive 200, and the Carbon Fiber Ortiba Lighthouse.  Dan got in the Benchmade Volli for inspection.  We all drool/point fun of the Seibert Dual Action.

Main Topic:

EDC Minimalism: How much is enough?


We have a long and winding discussion about what we carry everyday and how much of it is for fun, for testing, and for use.  We poke fun at the one is none philosophy, especially for urban EDC and we talk about being prepared v. being crazy.  We talk about the bags we carry as well. I love my Bihn Cadet, probably more now than when I got it two years ago.  Dan really likes his Filson Laptop Briefcase.

Somehow in the rambling we got on the subject of moose fat and Andrew made an unintentional allusion to Last Tango in Paris.

Thanks to both Dan and Ben for coming on.

Mail Bag:

A listener asked me how to get noticed by a gear company and how to submit ideas, so I followed up with KAI and CRKT to get some ideas.