Gear Geeks Live Episode 113: Gear Therapy Live

Tonight’s topic deals with all of the ways that we Gear Geeks are crazy.  From “church knives” to “high end beaters,” Nick and I bear our souls in a hour plus of gear therapy.  Have strength brothers and sisters, for you are not alone.


Nick: Omega Seamaster, Hinderer Half Track, Machine Era Classic Pen

Tony: Mnandi in Box Elder with old nail nick, Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III, Edison Nouveau Goulet Pens Limited Edition

New Stuff:


HEA Designs Hunter

Spyderco Subvert

Hinderer Full Track

Seiko Samurai


CRKT Seismic Deadbolt

CRKT Slacker

CRKT Avante

Something from Busse (later discovered to be the Forsaken Steel Heart)

Monterey Bay Knives EZC

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