Gear Geeks Live Episode 111: Growing Old with Gear

Today Nick and I tackle an interesting topic–what gear will suit you for the long run?  After thinking about it we come to surprisingly similar conclusions.




New Stuff:

Boos Blades Hound

Buck 110 SK Bladeworks

Half Track Tanto Tri-Way pivot

Frelux Synergy I

PDW Badger

Nik’s Minimalist Wallet

Draft: Weird Gear


1. Demko AD-15

2. Spyderco Zulu

3. Graham Razel Stubby

4. AG Russell K12

5. Spy Tri V

Honorable Mention: Darrell Caston Kadima


1. Buck Marksman

2. Pilot Vanishing Point

3. Grimsmo Norseman

4. Chris Reeve Ti Lock

5. Spyderco McBees

Honorable Mention: WE Knives Eschaton

Grow Old Knife:

Tony: Mnandi

Nick: Sebenza

Grow Old Watch:

Both: Mechanical Watch

Grow Old Pen:

Fountain Pen

Grow Old Flashlight:

None, but HDS Rotary if you had to pick.

You can find some of this gear at the Gear Geeks Live Amazon Influencer’s Page.