Gear Geeks Live 109: Gear Journeys

Tonight Nick and I talk about our wanderings through the gear world, from cheapo productions through customs and back into the production world.

We also got the aid of Nathan on editing.  Thanks Nathan.


Tony: Parker 51, Spyderco Brouwer, FourSevens Preon Mk. 3

Nick: Protech Calmigo, Tudor Pelagos, Machine Era Pen

Commonwealth Pen Show 2018

Custom/Production Gear Draft


1. Spydiechef

2. CRKT Eraser

3. Spyderco Zulu

4. Sibert Benchmade Auto

5. Bark River Adventure


1. Spyderco Paysan

2. Steelcraft Mini Bodega

3. Cold Steel 4 Max

4. Brian Nadeau Mini Typhoon

5. ZT Hinderer Line Up

Honorable Mention Kizer Kala

Nessmuk Trio