Episode 86: TM Hunt and the Legendary M18

I have wanted to have TM Hunt on the podcast for a long time.  Not only is he a nice guy and a hell of a knife maker, but his M18 is probably one of the most intriguing knives I have ever laid eyes on.  The massive blade, unusual shape, and classic handle have piqued my fancy for many years.  But this is a fixed blade for woodsman masters and so, before I venture into the world of the M18, I thought I’d have the man himself on to breakdown the blade in almost microscopic detail.  If you ever wanted a piece by piece tour of a knife and the chance to hear its designer tell you why everything is the way it is, this is a podcast for you.

You can find TM Hunt at the following places:

His website

His Facebook page

USA Made Blades

Smokey Mountain Knife Works


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TM Hunt Brassback

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