Episode 8

In the Virtual Pocket Dump we talk about what we carried today: me: Aeon Mk. II and SAK Cadet; Andrew: Spyderco Techno and JetBeam Raptor.  In the New and News section we talk about the Todd Begg reality show, Blade Brothers on Discovery, TSA rescinding the pocket knife rule (and I have an answer to why it was 2.36 inches), and finally we talk about the new Smart Lock from Viper.  In the main segment Andrew lays out a pretty compelling argument for carrying big blades and we talk about some options and run down the performance of various hard use locks.  In mailbag we answer the question of what to get if you missed out on the Aeon Mk. II but still want a nicer than average light.  The options I came up with ranged from the esoteric (the Exolion Ti) to the fantastically hard to find (Surefire Titan T1, not the T1A), to the easy to find and nice to use 47s Mini CR2.

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