Episode 70: Recomendations

Nick Clayton from the Modern Neanderthal podcast stopped by to help run down the best gear on the planet circa summer of 2016.  This podcast parallels the Recommendation Series that is being released on AllOutdoor.


Nick: ZT0562CF, Prometheus Beta QR v2, Boker City Tool

Me: Spyderco Techno, MBI HF-R


Under $50

Nick:  SAK Spartan, Streamlight Micro Stream 1xAAA

Me: CRKT Drifter, EagleTac D25AAA

Under $200

Nick: Spyderco Paramilitary 2, Olight S1 Baton

Me: Spyderco Dragonfly II in ZDP-189, Olight S1 Baton

Under $400

Nick: ZT0456 and Prometheus Beta QR

Me: Paramilitary 2 in S110V and HDS Rotary

Under $1000

Nick: Lenslight and Custom Knife or a Chris Reeve knife

Me: Chris Reeve Mnandi and Muyshondt Aeon Mk. 3

Over $1000

Nick: Shirogorov F3 and McGizmo (or truly insane–Sinkevich or Rexford custom)

Me: Shirogorov Neon and SPY 007 (or truly insane–Ron Lake and a Photon Fanatic custom)