Episode 7

Its official, Andrew, from Edge Observer is the new cohost.  We brought the booze–in my case Woodford Reserve bourbon and his Jameson Irish Whiskey.  After that we talk about our EDC that day.  Andrew carried the glorious TiSpine and I had with me the Black Nishijin CF ZDP-189 Dragonfly and the Aeon Mk. II.  Then we start talking a bit about the business side of gear, a conversation prompted by Thomas W’s comments on Everyday Commentary, found here.  After that we take a peek at the world of aftermarket product mods, starting with an amazing company Texas Tool Crafters.  Andrew references another modder, Custom Scales Division, and we both give high marks to TuffThumbz, especially his full custom knives.  Then we switch to the main topic, new flashlight tech.  We focus on two things Total Internal Reflectors and Quantum Tunneling Composites.  In the process I confess that I am a Surefire fanboy.  We finish up with a mailbag question on sharpening and both concur that stropping is key.  Andrew recommends a 1 micron diamond stop spray, you can find a strop spray here.

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