Episode 6

Andrew from the wonderful Edge Observer website and Youtube channel sits in the cohost chair.  We run down his EDC, the Fantoni Hide.  We chat about Todd Begg’s new Discovery Channel show, Grim Cleaver.  That leads us into a design discussion that touched on many of the points I brought up in my series on custom knives that culminated in the review of the De Coene Hybrid.  Then we switched gears and talked about behind the scenes stuff at Edge Observer, his crazy rigging and gear used to get the masterful snap zooms, rotating shots and track-dolly-like pans.  We talk about three interesting knives, two of which he reviewed, the Rockstead and the Carter Murray knife, and one I saw, the Hitchmough Regent.  It is a long podcast and I enjoyed some good bourbon during the recording, so sit back and relax.  Oh and before I end these notes, EO will be making a One Piece Multitool some time in the future.  Be excited.  VERY excited.

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