Episode 5

This one is a solo show, as Aaron is swamped with work and the schedule won’t allow for a weekend recording.  In this episode I go through the regular stuff, the virtual pocket dump, and the news/gear purgatory, but then lay out the thinking behind what I carry everyday and why.  On any given day here is what I am hauling around with me:

Tom Bihn Cadet (with two accessory pouches, including a power pouch with Monoprice Car USB charger)

Reuseable, fold flat insulated lunch box

Camelbak Tritan Insulated Water Bottle

Humangear Capcap

A knife or multitool

A flashlight

A pen, usually the Tuffwriter Ultimate Clicky (rocking either the Space Pen insert or the Moleskine roller ball insert for sketchnoting)

This is a shorter than usual episode, but hopefully enough to hold you over until Aaron’s baritone returns.

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