Episode 49: Gear of the Year, Part II: Custom Knives

Justin Laffer, custom knife collector and general cool dude, stopped by to discuss the year in custom knives and to tell us who to watch out for next year.  It was a good conversation and I was very grateful that he stopped by, despite the busy holidays.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Justin: Mosier/Kendrick Invocation, Prometheus Alpha Brass, Rexford RUT

Me: Yuna EQ-1, MBI HF-R

Instagram Secret Gems:

Socal Randy


New Stuff and News:


Sebenza 25

Gareth Bull Front Flipper


Yuna EQ-1

Main Topic:

Les Voorhies

Turpin Strife


Caswell EDX

Doc Schiffer

Tobin Smith

Zero Knives Mezcal

CRAZY Pop Culture Aside:

Bill Cosby

True Detectives

Janice Dickinson

Twin Peaks

Game of Thrones

End Pop Culture Aside

Hurricane Razor Amsler Knives

Ochs Wolverine Flipper

GTC Airborne

Eric Kramer

Sebestian Larsson (Sebbie Knives)

Fernando Medina (Lionheart)

Tim Curry

Bexar (pronounced Bear) Goods

Jacob Bromwell Flask

Chris Goodwyn (here is a link to a video on a Goodwyn knife from Geoff Blauvelt)

Brian Nadeau

Dustin Synder

Jonathan McNees