Episode 36: Olde Timey

Derrick Bohn of KnivesShipFree.com stopped by to talk about traditional folders.  In particular, we talked about his exclusive brand Northwoods Knives and the Indian River Jack.  Andrew and I peppered him with questions about traditional knives, the knife business, and all sorts of knife-related geekery.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Derrick: Inova, Northwoods Knives Indian River Jack (in jigged bone), the ZT0801

Andrew:  Poo bag, Anso Carabiner, and Klarus Mi 10

Me:  Indian River Jack and Muyshondt Aeon

New Stuff:

Though not officially a Blade Show recap, we did some more recapping.

Derrick liked the look of the new ZT Hinderer, a production version of the Ecklipse.

We all liked the look of the new Dual Action Auto from Benchmade.

We discussed the implications of Cold Steel upgrading to CTS-XHP (data sheet here) on their Recon series of folders.

We drooled over the new Bark River Springbok, designed by Bark River’s Jim Stewart.

Main Topic:  Olde Timey Knives and running a knife store

Derrick ran us through some of the nomenclature for traditional knives and talked about the Northwoods brand and how he goes about designing knives to release.  We talked a lot about the flagship knife of the line, the Indian River Jack and what makes this little gem so great.  Derrick also talked to us about Alan Carter Knives and how amazing they are.  Finally, we discussed the upcoming Knives Ship Free/Murray Carter folder and that got both Andrew and I very excited.

Mail Bag: Knife for a Kid

Derrick recommended an inexpensive Buck knife like the Bantam

Here is a link to KnivesShipFree, where you can find many of the products mentioned, and all proceeds benefit the site when you purchase things through this link: