Episode 3

Aaron is back and ready to roll.  We run down what we are carrying, including Aaron’s take on a fine light, the Olight S10 Baton.   We also run down the list of upcoming Spyderco releases that Sypercollector posted on his site.  Aaron tells us a little about his newest, super newest custom the Blount Surge.  You can reach the maker via email at jbblountknives@gmail.com.  Then we roll up our sleeves and have a show down on the merits or flaws of the Kershaw Cryo.  My review is here.  Aaron’s is here.  To close out the show we answer an age old question Gear Geeks around the world have: how can I bring myself to use this new, beautiful (insert high priced piece of gear here).  Note the slight gasp Aaron makes when I confess to wanton abuse of my new custom knife.

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