Episode 26: The Emissary of Ink

On Episode 26 of Gear Geeks Live, Brad Dowdy, the Pen Addict, visits and we chat about EDC, pens, and his new company Nock Co. We were thrilled to have the Emissary of Ink and the Proselytizer of Pens with us.

Virtual Pocket Dump:


Dragonfly 2 in H1, Field Notes, Uniball Jetstream or Sakura Pigma Micron


Fantoni HB01 in 125V, Obtanium Wallet, Mont Blanc Meisterstuck



Me: I carried a Hogue EX 01 4″ Auto and an HDS Clicky.  My pen today was a Kaweco Sport with a Medium Nib.

New Stuff and News:

I announced that I would be writing exclusively for Everyday-Carry.com.  See here for more.  I also announced that there is a knife show in New England on February 9 in Marlborough, MA.  More details here.  Brad got in a Sailor Black Luster and talked about the sleek lines of this Japanese masterpiece.  Andrew got in a kiridashi from Murray Carter and we talked about the joys of Carter’s cutlery.  Dan is prepping for a review of the Svord Peasant knife, continuing his tour through traditional knives.

Main Topic: The Pen Addict

Brad was kind enough to bring us all sorts of information about pens.  We started off with a bit of background and noted the commonalities between discussions of pens and discussions of gear.  We talked about his favorite pens and he ran us through the pens he currently has inked up (the Vanishing Point, the TWSBI 580, the Edison Beaumont, the Lamy 2000, and the Pilot Custom Heritage 910).  We then talked about go pens for hard use and EDC.  He mentioned the County Comm Embassy Pen and the MadMaxCo Bolt.  After that we discussed his new company, Nock Co. and their line of pen cases.  We also mentioned the origins of Nock Co. which came out of Brad’s head and Jeffrey’s sewing machine.  He told us that a big announcement is coming from Nock Co. very soon.

Mail Bag:

I think it was Mike Rixman that asked if there are any cheap fountain pens worth buying and Brad ran us through a few.  He recommended:

1. The Platnium Preppy (which Dan bought during the recording of the podcast–that is some series enabling).

2. The Pilot Metropolitian

3. The Kaweco Sport