Episode 25: Tuff Thumbz Visits

Episode 25 is a pretty special episode as we have Geoff Blauvelt, aka TuffThumbz.  Here is his website.  In case you don’t know who he is, here is a quick synopsis: reviewed knives on YouTube, modded knives on YouTube, traded knives on YouTube, made knives on YouTube, sold 8 $1,200 customs in 10 minutes at Blade HQ.  For those of us that really enjoy the knife community, seeing one of our own make it big, like Geoff did, is pretty awesome.  So sit back and enjoy.

Dan and Andrew are both busy, so Ben (guest writer for Everyday Commentary and all around good guy) joins us for the chat.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Geoff:  His new knife, the Switch, a G-Shock, LensLight, SIG P938, and a Graham GT.  Here is a picture of the Switch:


Me: Spyderco Techno and Muyshondt Aeon, Mk. II Masterstroke Airfoil (which brings to mind the GATLight)

Ben: Spyderco Air and the Peak Eiger

New Stuff and News:

We talked a good deal about the Emersons that dot the new 2014 line up for KAI USA.

I got in a few pieces of kit of interest including the Tom Bihn Guide Pack, the Falkniven U2, and the aforementioned Techno.

Main Topic:

We have a roving conversation through the life and times of TuffThumbz knives.  We run down through the trials and tribulations of being a knife modifier.  We talk about the next generation of modders including Lionhearted, SoloKnifeReviews, and Menovade.  So many modders have moved on to making customs that the ranks are shrinking just as demand is increasing.   Geoff gives us some details on his new knife, the follow up to the Tanic, a knife tentatively called the Switch.  We talk about Geoff’s influences, including John Gray,  Jens Anso, and the Knife Buddha, Jeremy Horton.  He also mentions that the Tanic was inspired by the Benchmade Onslaught.  Finally we get to the stuff people really wanted to know: production TuffKnives.  The Imp is going to be produced by BladeRunner Systems, while Boker is doing a production version of the Toad.  There are two other TuffKnives production models in the works, but Geoff had to be hush hush about them do to non-disclosure agreements.


Geoff: Larerbacher (sp?)

Me: Angel’s Envy

Ben: Angry Orchard Nightmare on Brett

Mail Bag:

Geoff answers the question of how to get started making knives.

And for Kyle, Geoff was the one flipping a knife open and closed.  It was his Switch prototype.  I feel like if you made it from scratch you can flip it.