Episode 24: Find a Way to Make it Happen and You’ll Be Fine

This episode we welcome a real life adventurer to the podcast–Kyle Ver Steeg.  Some of you might know him from the forums as Average Iowa Guy.  You can find his videos on YouTube here.  He is also the co-host, with Jim Nowka, of another podcast on gear, the Knife Journal Podcast, which you can find here.  It was a different podcast, but I think you’ll enjoy it.  We had to skip the New Stuff and News segment and the Mailbag segment to help Kyle keep his schedule.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Kyle:  a home made Gaucho and a Benchmade Presidio Auto

Dan: Spyderco Sage I, the perfect EDC (according to Dan)

Tony: Benchmade Mini Griptillian with Allen Putman scales and a Peak Eiger:


Main Topic: Kyle Ver Steeg, Modern Adventurer and Average Iowa Guy

This was a great discussion with a guy that is as high end a user of gear as you can find.  One thing I would heartily recommend is his video from the Phillipines.  Take a look at the knives being made in this little documentary he made:

Kyle tells us what is like to really be out there pushing gear to its limit and beyond.  One thing he dispels pretty quickly is more lavish kinds of gear.  Here is a short list of what you need in a knife to survive in the wilderness: 1) steel you can sharpen without power tools; 2) a handle that is comfortable; and 3) something that is non threatening.  He tells us that a fixed blade isn’t a requirement and a lock isn’t either.  He is also pretty pointed about the need for better clothing when out on an adventure.  We talk a bit about Amazon 5000 and working as a surgeon in the Phillipines.  He tells us that he loved Victorinox Spartan and the DPx HEST 2.0 and that RYP isn’t as wild as his public persona would have you believe.  We also talk about survival schools and he recommends Karamat and BOSS.  Finally, we talk about survival books and he recommends Mors Kochansky’s book, found here:

And Jim Nowka’s book, found here: