Episode 23 Preview: The Order of KAI

We will not be putting out an episode this coming week.  Christmas festivities will leave me otherwise occupied.

Sad yes, I know.  But…not to worry, Episode 23 is coming and we have a whopper of a guest–Thomas W. from KAI USA.  Yes, that Thomas W.  Thomas is a truly great talker, the gear equivalent of Andy Van Slyke.  He is, in reporter parlance, good copy. He also incredibly knowledgeable and is one of the most active representatives of a gear company anywhere, regularly engaging folks on forums and websites.  No one is more in tune with the brand he manages than Thomas W, and I say that even though we have disagreed in the past (find that here and here).  The reality is that KAI is both one of the best gear companies out there and at the same time one of the most innovative.  This is not a giant resting on its laurels and Thomas W. has a lot to do with that.  His willingness to come on the podcast speaks volumes about the company and the man.

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