Episode 22: Gear of the Year Run Down


ME:  Peak Eiger, Emerson Mini CQC7

Dan: ZT560 CF, Alox Cadet, 47s MLR2

Andrew: same knife, JetBeam Raptor

New Stuff and News:

Spyderco’s 2014 catalog was released (you can find it here).  We do a rundown of the knives we like and those we don’t.   Here is the link to the Cuscadi Pingo.

Main Topic:

Last year I did a post on the best new gear of 2012 and this year I sent out ballots to a few gear friends on the ‘net.  We run down our discussion of the various new things that came out this year, which were hits and which were flops.  Here are the categories and some of my suggestions.

Andrew and Dan both liked the Hogue EX04 and the Spyderco Domino. I thought the MBI HF-R Ti was the overall product of the year.


Oh, and here is a link to the crazy Ron Lake Knife, from Knife Purveyor.  Look forward to the full Gear of the Year Ballot and voting on Everyday Commentary.

Mail Bag:

Is Tumi still worth it with all of the Internet direct companies making bags?  Nope.  Not by a long shot.