Episode 20: Triple Aught Design and Ti Santa Beards

Virtual Pocket Dump


Spyderco Delica in ZDP-189 with Featherlight deep carry pocket clip

Peak Eiger Oveready Edition with Prometheus Clip and Momentary On Switch


Spyderco Techno

C21C Sunwayman Thunder Hammer (see below for more).


Triple Aught Design Mk. 2 Black Production Dauntless

Triple Aught Design Edition LED Lenser KO 2x CR123a

Mk. II Blackwater MMT watch

Rotring 600 Pen, Pencil, and Fountain Pen Set

Here is the Gianni’s EDC stash:

photo (6)

New Stuff and News

Andrew talks about making a documentary about Brian Tighe.  We talk about Tighe and his approach to making knives.  We also discuss the arrival of the first batch of Tanics at Blade HQ.  I also got in the beast blade the Cold Steel Recon Scout.


Seeing it in person and handling it are the only way to really appreciate just how massive this slab of sharpened steel really is.  Its a behemoth and an awesome chopper.  It also has the best sheath on a production fixed blade I have ever seen or handled.  For all of their ridiculous marketing, which we discuss, the Recon Scout is totally, 100% legit.  Andrew got in Sunwayman C21C Thunder Hammer.  Apparently the Nitecore Bitch Killa got hung up in the mail.

Main Topic

We have a roving conversation with Gianni about Triple Aught Design, the process of going from sketch to product, and other fascinating details.  We talked about the process constant improvement and prototyping.  We discussed the role Triple Aught Design plays in producing stuff and how they go about finding the finest production facilities available.  I then peppered Gianni with some listener questions mainly about the shortages in stuff and he explained that they were ramping up production but demand is growing faster than they can do the ramping up.  We then did a speed round on the Dauntless and its various iterations.  We poke through the gorgeous pictures and amazing detail at the Dauntless Archive.  Gianni confirmed that some of the numbers found there aren’t right and that there might be a few custom Dauntlesses floating around that folks don’t know of.  We talked about his favorite (the Rexford) and the most unusual (the Birch) and the most underrated (the JW Smith).  We talked about who they haven’t used that they’d like to lean on and other awesome Dauntless details.  Then Gianni gave us a preview of some of the upcoming stuff, new gear, gear in new colors, and the special Triple Aught Design Ti Santa Beard.

Announcements/Mail Bag

First, go take a look at the 2nd Annual WWP Giveaway I am running on Everyday Commentary.  Triple Aught Design threw in a mulitcam bag for the giveaway, so the winner will get that in addition to the other prizes (GO DONATE!).

Second, we answer a question about our sharpening routines.  Gianni uses a Lansky and carboard for stropping.  Andrew does it all free hand both on waterstones and on the strop.  I use an old belt and the tried and true Sharpmaker.

Bring Yo’ Booze

We forgot to do this on air, but here is what delicious drinks warmed our hearts and loosened our lips:

Me: Four Roses Bourbon (still)

Andrew: 1/2 a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Gianni: Lagavulin Scotch