Episode 19: A Cadet, Two Visitors, and a Huckberry

Andrew is feverishly working to complete a documentary on Brian Tighe and Aaron is busy at work so I have two special guests (and wife’s cooking, which is a Roasted Chicken Breast, so while the sound quality is low, the taste quality is out of this world). First guest is special co-host Jon Stokes. Yes, that Jon Stokes. The guest is Richard Greiner of Huckberry.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Me: SAK Alox Cadet, Mk. II Aeon

Jon: HTC 1, Citizen Sky Hawk, Leatherman Skeletool CX


Richard: J Lawson Key Shackle, Bellroy Wallet, Cleveland Browns light/Bottle Opener

New Stuff and News:

Jon got in a bunch of cool stuff for review including a Slingshot from Montie Gear, a Firesteel from Hedgehog Leatherworks, and Texas Muck Boots.  I talked at length about the wave of new steels coming into the market after spending quality time with M4 steel on the Spyderco Air (review coming on Everyday Commentary).  I reviewed the knives with Agomi Super Blue Steel as well as the K390 Mule and what it means for customers that Spyderco is putting these steels in their standard knives as opposed to special, high cost Sprint Runs.  I also reviewed the Click Carabiner that I got in for review.


Rich got to test out a bunch of tactical pens from friend of the blog Jack Roman at TuffWriter.  Since we discussed it, may as well drop it in.  Behold, the Blender Video.

Main Topic:

Huckberry, the search for good stuff and good stories.

Rich walks us through his transition from Finance to running his own business and selling really cool stuff.  We talk about why Huckberry prefers the narrative approach to things and how they go about picking products.  We also talk a little bit about where they will expand in the future (hint: its EDC related).  We talk about Filson and TAD Gear and how those two companies compare.  Finally, we learn the origin of the company name.


Benjamin Schwartz won the Topic Suggestion Contest.  Ben, drop me an email at everydaycommentary@gmail.com and I will send you out the light and make arrangements for you to be on a future episode where we discuss your topic which was: EDC Minimalism: How Much Do We REALLY Need?  Thanks to everyone that submitted topics.  We’ll get around to all of them.

Finally, I announced the WWP/Veteran’s Day Giveaway.  For more details, see here.