Episode 18: Your Dad’s EDC

This episode includes a special guest–my Dad.  My parents were in town and my Dad was kind enough to sit and chat.  Its pretty cool because he got me my first knife, a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Super Tinker and my second knife, a Spyderco Delica.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Me: BM MiniGrip 555hg and Fenix PD22

My Dad: A SOG Mini Vulcan

Andrew: Nothing, not even the poo bag

New Stuff and News:

A new EDC related website The New Artemis, is really doing good work with a slick design, good photos, and well above par writing.   We also chat about Southern Grind, a company that deserves more exposure than it has received.  We also talk about the new Hazard 4 backpack the Patrol Pack, for folks that want something nicer than the Maxped stuff, but can’t justify the $375 price tag of a TAD or a Go Ruck.  Aaron chats a little bit about his Go Ruck.  We also talk about the new Fox Knives Meskwaki, a Cold Steel sized Italian made knife and their horrendously named Puukox.

I got in an ESEE Zancudo and a Fenix PD22 in for review.  Andrew got the LEO/Mil/EMS multitool the Extrema Ratio Police 3 and Police 3 EVO.  Andrew also got in a new and very interesting knife from Maxpedition, the Excelsa, a very good looking and relatively inexpensive Ti framelock.

Main Topic:

We discuss our gear disappointments.  I rant about Gerber, and the Artifact in particular.  I also talk about the worst product I have ever owned, the Arc 6 flashlight, as well as the Kershaw Cryo (which is a different kind of disappointment).  My Dad drops some old school knowledge re: disappointing batteries from days of yore, including AAs that cost a $1 in 1960, or $7.87 today.  Andrew complains that the market is dividing up with lots of high end, multi-hundred dollar knives and lots of cheap stuff with little in the middle.  My Dad also explains a little about the Sydney Opera House and why he liked the SOG Vulcan over the Kershaw Cryo (I promise I had no influence on this).  Finally, Andrew notes some similarities between his videos and those produced by SOG recently.

Mail Bag and Announcements:

We discuss the Gear of the Year awards and choose a winner for the review contest: Johnna000001.  Hit me up at everydaycommentary at gmail dot com in the normal format.


For all of those folks interested in the history of flight, stop by my Dad’s website for the National Aviation Heritage Alliance.