Episode 17 Preview

I hope to do a little more crowd sourcing with topics, and to that end I thought I post the pre-show research notes here.  Episode 17 is in the works already and the main topic is going to be EDC gear and Kickstarter.

New Stuff and News:

A lot of things happened in the gear world in the past few weeks, some of which we held off talking about because Aaron was MIA.  Here is a sample of what we plan on discussing on Episode 17:

  • The USN Gathering V with an analysis of show winners and trends
  • Community Reaction to the Spyderco Domino, including Aaron’s take
  • The triumphant (?) return of Tudor to America
  • A few new SOG releases that break the SOG mold

If there is a piece of news we are missing, send it to us.

Main Topic:

I have reviewed  a few pieces that were part of Kickstarter campaigns and I have a few others in the works.  The crew will be discussing the pros and cons, interesting gear, and what’s missing from Kickstarter.  If there is a piece of gear you’d like us to talk about, hit me (Tony) up at the contact page.  I can’t guarantee we’ll get to it, but we can try.

Mail Bag:

Here is the easy way, just comment to this post and we’ll look into it.

Remember, we still have two contests running.  Here is the official information for that.