Episode 17: Lose Your Lunch

This episode was marked by some technical difficulties of both the Skype and gastronomical varieties, but we ended up with a fairly wide ranging discussion that I hope you like. Kickstarter was the focus, but as usually we talked about gear of all sorts.


Aaron carried his Burch Tangent, McGizmo Haiku Hi CRI, and a Smith and Wesson 340 Scandium Airewight Revolver.  He also had a Mont Blanc of some sort.  We’ll figure it out eventually.  Andrew carried a Small Sebenza 21 that some asshole gave him.  He also had his trusty Anso Ti Carabiner 3.0 with him for photog work.  His writing tool was an inherited Mont Blanc Solitaire.  Finally he rounded out his EDC with the customary Poo Bag.  I had my oddly disappointing Dragonfly II in ZDP-189 with Nishijin scales (the “Whore Knife”) and the Prometheus AAA-QR.


New Stuff And News:

We talked about the USN’s Fifth Gathering and tried to figure out who won what to no avail.  We ran down the list of other gear podcasts including Knife Thursday and Knife Journal.  We also talked about the return of Tudor watches to America.  Aaron gave us a little insight into how to get good watches on the used market and how to get them serviced outside of warranty.  Andrew is not accepting new stuff for review, so he was little light on gear he got in, Aaron revealed that he is in line for a Tom Ferry tactical knife, the Tango Foxtrot Radical 194.  I ran down the stuff I got in, the aforementioned Prometheus AAA-QR and the 47s AO Ti.

Main Topic:

We talk about how Kickstarter works, how a person backs a project, and the kinds of projects that have done well.  We reviewed the Prometheus Alpha Pen, the Tuff Writer Ultimate Clicky, the BladeKey, the Obtanium Wallet, and a few other projects.

We talked about whether Kickstarter would appeal to Andrew, if he decided to make gear or as a way to fund studio quality video reviews like those found on the Edge Observer.

We also discuss whether custom knife makers could better utilize the Kickstarter platform, either to transform their business or to launch a new product line.  I asked Aaron if a high scale custom maker like Todd Begg could leverage his capacity to really power a good Kickstarter campaign.  After that we considered if it was possible for someone like Chris Reeve to use it to launch a new product line, in the same way that Jack Roman of Tuff Writer did with the Ultimate Clicky.

Mail Bag: Local Only EDC

A listener asked what we’d do if we had to make our EDC only from stuff found locally, like things from the big box stores.  Aaron pointed people to Blade HQ and their good return policy.  I recommended a few widely available items like the SOG Mini Aegis.  I also dropped a tip–seek out police supply stores, as they usually stock a few Benchmades and Streamlight lights.  I also pointed the listener to a set of 5.11 lights available at most Dick’s Sporting Goods.