Episode 16

Aaron was unable to join us for Episode 16 so it was just me and Andrew.  I think we had a lively if not sprawling discussion of a famous book on design, The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman, which you can find here:

Mr. Norman is, like Immanual Kant and Aristotle, a very good thinker and a half-assed writer.  The organization of the book, with headings, sub headings, and sub sub headings is confusing and his inconsistent use of his own jargon is befuddling, but deep in the book there are some incredible ideas that will change how you look at gear.


I carried an AG Russell Barlow with cocobolo (or Chocobo) handles:


and my trusty Peak Eiger Oveready Edition, now with the Momentary On tailswitch.

Andrew carried, um, well…a poop bag for his dog.  The day before he carried his Nilete Quiete and the Hardcore Hardware Pen, found here.

New Stuff and News:

We skipped the news section for this week, waiting for Aaron to return to comment on things like the USN GV, but we had good discussion about stuff we got in for review.  The Barlow came up as did the Blade HQ edition of the HEST/F 2.0, which you can purchase at Blade HQ . We also discussed the Brous Silent Soldier Flipper that I got in for review.  Andrew ran me through a gauntlet of delicious and tempting fixed blades, and I pined after the TRC Apocalypse-L.

Main Topic:

Okay, so I went a little crazy, bouncing from the driverless car to Douchamp’s Urinals to the beauty and genius that is the Zulu.  IT was especially handy to have Andrew as the cohost because his artistic background and talents lent themselves well to the discussion of the process of creating good design and I paraphrased Clarke’s Third Law (he said that when technology is sufficiently advanced it is indistinguishable from magic; I said that the creative process of true geniuses is sufficiently obscure to non-artists that is the indistinguishable from magic).  This was definitely a different discussion, I hope you appreciate it.

Mail Bag/Contests:

We reviewed the contests that are spelled out in detail here.