Episode 15


Aaron: JB Stout Slimline/McGizmo Haiku

Andrew: Nilte Quiete/Montblanc Miesterstuck Solitaire Rollball

Tony: Small Sebenza/McGizmo Haiku

New and News:

Andrew got in a heaping helping of fixed blades.  He also got in a few lights from Sunwayman and an Obtainium Wallet.  Tony had three things in for review: the Kershaw Injection 3.0 (good), Zebralight SC52w (awesome), and the Spyderco Zulu (not sure yet).

We also discussed the Todd Begg suped up Boker Field Marshall and how this represents a new space for custom makers to explore.  Aaron came out against.  Tony was in favor.  Andrew was on the fence.

Main Topic:

We have a long roaming discussion about design and custom knives with a hit on steel v. titanium for frame locks.  We also look into the new Featherlite steel in the AG Russell Skorpion.

Mail Bag:

Beef Jerky top fives and Andrew’s quilting website.

One response on “Episode 15

  1. Shannon Sanders

    One characteristic that wasn’t discussed (maybe it was and I missed it?) in your steel vs. titanium framelock discussion is corrosion resistance. This is an area I think ti wins hands down and is probably why it is so widely used for framelock knives. Even stainless steel will rust and if you are gripping steel handles with sweaty hands on a daily basis then corrosion will most likely be an issue.

    Also, you guys have mentioned that the Sebenza is the perfect knife. I think it’s close. They need to ditch the stud and give it a thumb hole. THEN the Sebenza would be the perfect knife. I had an Umnumzaan and it was a really amazing knife. In the end I sold it off because I found it was damn near impossible to open with wet or greasy fingers.

    I’m enjoying the podcasts. Keep up the good work.

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