Episode 12

What is old is new again–Aaron is back.  Andrew had a fancy photoshoot in the Artic with Kate Upton so he couldn’t be here.  Can you blame him?  I am just kidding about the Kate Upton thing.  Aaron from www.practicallyeveryday.com stepped in to help out.



RJ Martin Overkill and McGizmo Haiku Hi CRI edition


Charles Gedraitis Small Pathfinder and Muyshondt Aeon Mk. II

New and News:

We both comment on the triumphant release of the Tuffthumbz Tanic.  If you can hear a lump in my voice and the American flag flapping behind me as I speak about how awesome it is to see someone reach for their dream and achieve, well good for you.  I am sentimental sap.  What can I say?

We also discuss the quirky and slightly disappointing Spyderco Southard.

I talk about a $7 pen, yep, a pen.  The Tombow Airpress is a quirky, rights anywhere alternative to the Fisher Space Pen.  It is a Japanese pen that pressurizes the refill when the knock extends the writing nib.  And it is $7.  Super cool.

Finally we discuss the new LL Bean high end soft shell hoodie, marketed as a hunting jacket, but clearly aimed at the TAD Gear Stealth Hoodie.

Aaron talks about the new Dave Coye Whiskey 2 Ti Framelock Flipper.  Its a big blade, 4.25″ and the second run is open but filling up fast.

Main Topic: Knife Terms

Aaron and I go on a wandering journey through various knife terms.  It was intended on being a glossary of sorts, but it really became a ranking and discussion of preferences with a few definitions thrown in for good measure.

Review Winner: Strider SnG.  Hit me up at everydaycommentary@gmail.com

Special Gear Geeks Live What’s My Wife Cooking in the Background Bonus:

This week my wife was cooking Haluska in the background.  It is a traditional Hungarian comfort food. It is also excellent this time of year because of the wide availability of cabbage, a central ingredient.

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