Episode 104: Orthopedic Shoes

This episode took a long time to make.  It took months to coordinate schedules, two different recording sessions, and about 8 hours to splice everything together because of a tech glitch.  That is, of course, the theme of the podcast.  That said, this is one of my favorite episodes in a long time.  Andrew Gene comes back and we have a roaring good time.  Between Andrew’s just over line humor and Nick’s insane puns, it was a lot of chuckles and guffaws.  Jokes galore with a tiny bit of gear talk.  Enjoy.


Tony: Chaparral in Raffir Noble, Titan Plus, Prometheus Bamboo, Apple Watch

Nick: Breitling Aerospace, Spyderco Nirvana, LPS

Andrew: Omega Seamaster, Padded Ass Shorts

Random Shit:

Ikea Dog Penis Ad

Nick’s 100 Pacer Review

Winkler Knives

Helium Escape Valve

Spyderco Gunting

Gauntlet of Sauron Review

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