Episode 10

Andrew makes his triumphant return with tales from Blade Show 2013.  He brings with him tales of lotteries that he vows to never enter and then did.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Me: MBI HF-R and Al Mar Hawk Ultralight

Andrew: Nilte Quiete (we talk about this blade for a long time, you really need to see it).

New and News:  We run down the Blade Show winners, a list of which can be found here.

Main Topic: Andrew talks about the actual experience of going to Blade show and Dan’s attempted murder via alcohol poisoning.

Mailbag: We skip mail bag to announce two contests–drop a review in iTunes and you will be entered to win a KaBar Mini Dozier and give us a 30 intro with music for the chance to win the HF-R and a prize to be donated by Andrew.

Special bonus background/kitchen noise (because it is not a GGL episode without kitchen sounds): My wife making my favorite pasta salad for Father’s Day.

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