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Episode 81: Knives are like Pretty Girls

Jim Cooper, also known as Sharp by Coop, the most famous and prolific cutlery photographer in the world, joins us for a great discussion about blades, the uber high end, how to take great pictures, and where the market is heading (and it ain’t custom tacticals folks…).

Honjo Masamune


Coop: GEC Congress and a Tim Wright custom

Me: AG Russell Lightnin’ Bug and the MBI HF-R

The King Tut Dagger by Buster Warenski

Coop’s Top Five Living Custom Makers:






The guy (Lloyd Hale) that was an in-house maker for a single collector.

Coop’s set up:


Van Barnett’s 2013 AKI knives

Best Engravers:

Barry Lee Hands

Jon Robyn


Ray Cover

Sharp by Coop on Blade Forums

Sharp by Coop on IG

Super Insane Loveless Subhilt

Episode 80: Year In Review with Knives Ship Free

Derrick Bohn from Knives Ship Free joined the podcast for an overview of 2016 and a preview of 2017.  It was an excellent conversation with a great explanation as to why Amazon is bad for the gear world.  Oh and he announced a new Indian River Jack, possibly with M4.  Yes, please.


Derrick: GEC 61, Benchmade 943, Prometheus Beta QR, Fisher Space Pen

Tony: Small Shamwari and Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III

Other Topics:

Bamba Forge

Todd Begg Knives

Zoe Crist Knives

Jesse Hemphill Knives

Spyderco problem on Amazon (and why I hate Amazon)

Episode 77: The Enthusiast Mindset

Grayson, the Picky Bastard, joins us for a rambling 100% off topic discussion of the Enthusiast Mindset.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Parker: ZT0900, GEC Beagle, Tactile Turn Shaker, Timex Weekender, Aeon Mk. III

Me: Caly3 ZDP-189, Surefire Titan Plus, Prometheus Alpha Pen, 3D Printed Spinner

Community and the Enthusiast Mindset

Richard Kearney

Mike Stewart

Experience Experts in Legal Settings (Kumho Tire v. Carmichael)

Lying About Hitler

Bob Bakker



Episode 75: Expert Edgeologist

This episode about a week late because of massive technical problems with the recording.  It took me hours to edit this, even though the editing was very minor and the recording is only about a hour long.  Just getting the tracks was a challenge.  But it is done.

This episode is an interview with knife maker and expert edgeologist Jesse Jarosz of Jarosz Knives and Instagram.


I carried my Jarosz M75 and my Muyshondt Aeon Mk III.

Jesse carried his new Apple Jack slip joint.


AEB-L Data Sheet

KaBar Turok

Bob Terzuola’s Tactical Folding Knife

Roland Iten Belt Buckle


Episode 74: Lightning Round Recommendations

Aaron Shapiro (Instagram and Youtube), the original co-host returns for some discussion of what he was carrying, epic customs, and gear recommendations.


Aaron: Tom Ferry Insidious, Oeser Tangu, and Rolex Explorer II

Me: Al Mar Falcon, Tactile Turn Shaker, and MBI HF-R

Tom Ferry

Slipjoint patterns

Sony A7 Mk. II

Ricoh GR

Edge Observer Instagram

Anso Instagram

d1ggs13 Instagram

bkdunn71 Instagram

bravo_kilo_edc Instagram


Snapseed App

Bag Organizer Rec:  Get a good bag like the Tom Bihn Synapse

Portable in Pocket Pen Rec: Kaweco Sport or Zebra F-701

Front Flipper Production Knife Rec: Boker Exskelimoor or Exskelibur or wait for the Kizer Fiest

Best Collab Rec: Spyderco Techno (collab between custom maker and production company); Pena/Oeser or Krein/Graham (best collab between custom makers)

OMPT Rec: Gerber Shard or JRP Toucan

Mechanical Watch under 40mm Rec: Speedmaster Reduced, Sinn 556i

18650 Light Rec: Eagletac TX25C2

Ambi or Left Friendly Knife: Slipjoint or Paramilitary 2

Supersteel on a Traditional?: Sure, why not.

Lantern Rec: R-Pal or Biolite Mini

Intro into Traditionals Rec: GEC

Fidget Item Rec: Flipper or Bolt Action Pen

Gear Geeks Live Episode 69: EDC that Makes Your Hands Look Big

Well, after a long journey through the nether world of audio, we finally got the track for Episode 69.  This is the lost episode and a great hour of catching up with Andrew Gene.  Andrew did the mix and it is good, plus he threw in a bonus–updated theme music.



CRKT Jettison


511 Messenger Bag Lima

Rhodia Notepad


MTM Zirconium Pen

Obtanium Wallet

Anso Carbiner

Omega Seamaster 2201.50

Alloutdoor piece on the bogus Blade Show Awards


Darriel Caston Kadima