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Episode 91: We Been Jammin’ Cheap Knives

Ben Schwartz, New Editor over on Knife News, joins me for a discussion of our favorite budget knives.

Boy did Ben and I ramble and I took horrible notes, so I apologize.

Ben can be found at:

Knife News

Goodman Darkness on Twitter (is controversial, so be warned)


He has some good book and video game recs: Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay and Bloodborne.


Ben: Benchmade 940 and Tactile Turn Slider

Me: Spyderco Chaparral, UltraTac K18, and Prometheus Writes Pen

After that I have nothing for ya’.


Gear Geeks Live Episode 90: EDC Get Rec’d

Nick and I took listener submissions for gear recommendations and thanks to Urban EDC Supply, one rec request was chosen as a winner and gets a $50 gift certificate for any of the lush pocket gems Urban EDC Supply sells. Here are the recommendations:

Nasty Trigger wanted a good food prep knife.

Nick: Endura or Opinel

Me: Perceval La Francais, Spyderco Chaparral, CSC Boy’s Knife

4rmless wanted an inoffensive knife

Nick: A traditional folder, a Swiss Army Knife

Me: Spyderco Roadie

Gadgetman 7 wanted a keychain light

Nick: Manker LAD

Me: UltraTac K18

Johnmatsubayashi wanted nice looking light other than the Beta QR

Nick: Whiff

Me: Lumitop Worm

Mike Rixman wanted a bag to carry a dog in that had MOLLE and could take a patch

Nick: Whiff

Me: Skookam Dog Citizen Canine

Mike Rixman also wanted a knife that would challenge your sensibilities

Nick: Razel or ZT452

Me: Ver Steeg Imp or EPK

Grayson wanted a knife that had lots of complex criteria involving hipsters, old people yadda yadda

Nick: Pakkawood Delica

Me: Shinola Benchmade Valet

Grayson also wanted on knife/light combo for all time

Nick: Slycz Bowie and Fenix UC35

Me: Small Shamwari and Aeon Mk. 3

EDC Dad wanted a modern folder for Dads

Nick: Urban Trapper, Mnandi, Valet

Me: DF2, Gerber Dime, AG Russell K12

Everdaygary wanted to know what our desert island knife would be

Nick: Spydie Chef

Me: PM2 in M390

Cedric and Ada wanted an Apple watch replacement

Nick: Citizen Perpetual

Me: Damasko DA36

Everydaygary wanted our two knife set ups

Nick: a Traditional and a Modern folder

Me: Whiff

Stonehurstknive wanted a bombproof light

We both agreed: HDS Rotary

GGL After Hours Episode 3: Vicarious Spyderco

Grayson Parker@g.r.parker (Instagram), @g_r_parker (Twitter),

Mike Rixman@mrixman (Instagram), @MikeRixman (Twitter)

Patrick LaFollette@dplafoll (Instagram), @dplafoll (Twitter), dplafoll (forums, mainly Spyderco)


Patrick’s carry: CRK small Inkosi Insingo black canvas micarta, Olight S1R,Nock Co. Fodderstack XL w/ Nock Co. DotDash Notebook, Lamy AL-Star, Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet, iPhone 7, Tom Bihn Synapse25, NOT Seiko SNK809.

Mike’s carry: Giantmouse GM2, Muyshondt Aeon MK III, Esee Candiru with micarta scales with new Aramatus Carry Architect Sheath

Grayson’s carry: Protech Runt J4, Great Eastern Cutlery #13 “Clerk”, Peak LED Solutions Eiger with Prometheus clip, Tactile Turn Slider, Seiko SRP779 “Turtle”, AroundSquare Titan Begleri, Nock Co. DotDash Pocket Notebook, Crankyhankyco Hank, Bond HALO Carabiner, Bellroy Note Sleeve, Samsung Galaxy S6. Peak Design Everyday Messenger with Nikon D5500


If you have suggestions of EDC-related songs, or know anything about how to license music please drop us an email at We are, of course, welcome to general questions as well. When (and if) we start getting emails, we have some gear to give away [unsubtle bribe].


GGL After Dark Episode 2: Bring a Girl

Grayson Parker@g.r.parker (Instagram), @g_r_parker (Twitter),

Mike Rixman@mrixman (Instagram), @MikeRixman (Twitter)


Mike’s carry: Leatherman Skeletool, Giantmouse GM2, Muyshondt Aeon MK. III, Tactile Turn Slider

Grayson’s Carry: Spyderco Zulu, K’roo Sheepsfoot Slipjoint, Veleno Designs Quantum DD, Tactile Turn Slider, Seiko SRP779, AroundSquare Titan Begleri, Bond HALO Carabiner, Bellroy Note Sleeve



Mailbag questions: to win a future giveaway. “What should (or shouldn’t) Grayson carry to a giant [self-proclaimed] nerd convention?”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Grayson and Mike sent me one title for the episode, but then, as I listened, Mike hit Grayson with an all-time great zinger and that became the title.  Kudos to Mike.  Zinga!

Episode 89–Favorites, Not Best

This episode I had Peter from the YouTube channel Cedric&Ada on.  He was a great sport and we talked about steel, our favorite but not best gear, and Australia.  We also talked about dogs.  I am very mad about the fact that I need to have conversations about dogs with people.


Peter: Al Mar Falcon Ultralight, Surefire Titan, Karas Customs Render K, and Das Offene Meer Wallet.

Me: Spyderco Chaparral in Raffir Noble, Muyshondt Aeon Mk. 3, and Flowfold Vanguard

The musical equivalent of spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch: Wallet, Puffer, Smokes, Keys

We talked a lot about steel.  I am converting Peter’s data to a post.  Look for it in the future.

Michael Christy’s YouTube channel

Advanced Knife Pro’s YouTube channel

Favorite Not Best:

Knife: Peter: Falcon; Me: Spyderco Techno

Fixed Blade: Peter: Gerber Strongarm; Me: Schrade SCH36

Light: Peter: Titan A; Me: Leatherman Serac S3

Movie: Peter: Dredd (not Judge Dredd, just Dredd); Me: Aliens



Episode 88: Vegan Muffin Buffet

The great Nick Shabazz joins me for an all out recommendationathon.


Me: SAK Rambler Custom, 40DD, MaxMadCo Bolt

Nick: Slysz Bowie



Nick: Kershaw Dividend and cellphone’s flash

Me: Skeletool KB and Eagletac D25AAA


Nick: PM2/Delica/Sage 5 and Eagletac D25A or oLight S2R

Me: Dragonfly II in ZDP-189 and Surefire Titan Plus with Prometheus Clip

$600 (“The Sebenza Barrier”)

Nick: Slysz Bowie, D25A, and Leatherman Wave

Me: Dauntless Mk. 4 and HDS Rotary with clip


Nick: Shirogov Neon/Olamic Swish/Grimsmo Rask and HDS Rotary

Me: Steelcraft Mini Bodega and Torch Lab BOSS 35


Nick: Grimsmo Rask, HDS Rotary, Leatherman Charge TTi, and Citizen Perpetual Diver

Me: Rockstead Hizen and BOSS 35


Nick: Stan Wilson Flipperless Flipper and McGizmo Haiku

Me: Michael Walker Zipper Blade and Photon Fanatic Indian Princess

We’d both get a Roger W Smith watch and a Roland Iten belt buckle and mechanical shoe string tips.

GGL After Dark Episode 1: Clancy Brown

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Grayson, Ben, and Mike all have helped out the site and podcast in one way or another for years.  They also have a burning interest in chatting about gear and have done so for years.  Now, they are running their own podcast, GGL After Hours.  It will air regularly or as regularly as they can make it and I can edit it.  Think of it as Skinemax of Gear.  Actually, don’t.  There is no Shannon Tweed content.  Clancy Brown content, but no Shannon Tweed.  Also, these opinions are theirs not mine.  Email them with comments, questions, and complaints.

Here are the excellent show notes from the AH crew:

Grayson Parker – @g.r.parker (Instagram), @g_r_parker (Twitter),

Mike Rixman – @mrixman (Instagram), @MikeRixman (Twitter)

Benjamin Schwartz – @ben_L_schwartz (Instagram), @schwartz_ben (Twitter),,

Mailbag questions: to win a future giveaway

Episode 86: TM Hunt and the Legendary M18

I have wanted to have TM Hunt on the podcast for a long time.  Not only is he a nice guy and a hell of a knife maker, but his M18 is probably one of the most intriguing knives I have ever laid eyes on.  The massive blade, unusual shape, and classic handle have piqued my fancy for many years.  But this is a fixed blade for woodsman masters and so, before I venture into the world of the M18, I thought I’d have the man himself on to breakdown the blade in almost microscopic detail.  If you ever wanted a piece by piece tour of a knife and the chance to hear its designer tell you why everything is the way it is, this is a podcast for you.

You can find TM Hunt at the following places:

His website

His Facebook page

USA Made Blades

Smokey Mountain Knife Works


Todd: Wedding Ring, Hubertus Auto, ZT 630, and a Leatherman Skeletool

TM Hunt Brassback

Spetznaz Machete

01 Tool Steel

Ver Steeg Imp

Episode 85: Wild Boar Hunting and Magic Toilet Paper

Jon Stokes came back and while we pretended to talk gear for a while, things quickly got off track when Jon discussed his recent bare-handed boar hunt.  Suffice to say: listener discretion advised and trigger warnings…blah, blah, blah…


Jon’s Carry: Bond Deringer .410, Leatherman Skeletool CX, Filson Field Boots

Tony’s Carry: Vanishing Point, Mnandi, Aeon Mk. III

Our first real knives: Victorinox Super Tinker (me) and Victorinox Huntsman (Jon)

Sendra Boots

Hanks Belts


Jon Post Boar Hunt: