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Gear Geeks Live Episode 98–2017 GOTYs and SHOT 2018

This episode has two topics–our favorite gear of 2017 and SHOT 2018 previews.  Nick is again on the show.


Nick: Olamic Swish, Vision Metal Pen, Omega watch

Tony: Benchmade Proper, Surefire Titan Plus, TWSBI Eco



Knife: Busker

Pen: TiScribe Bolt

Light Thrunite Neutron

Pack: Nutsack Satchel Pro

Honorable Mention: Spyderco Shaman


Knife: Proper

Pen: TWSBI Eco T

Light: Muyshondt Beagle

Packs: MR Urban Assault

Bonus story line: death of spinners

Gear Geeks Episode 97: Jolly Old Saint Nick


Me: HDS Rotary 250, Emerson CQC10, TWSBI Eco

Nick: Hinderer MP-1, Omega Aqua Terra Quartz, Vision Metal LP-S

Grand Seiko 9F Case Back

Vision Metal Design LP-5

Cold Steel Paradox

My Give a Kit:

CRKT Homefront

CRKT Mossback Hunter

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault

Shaker Gen. 2

Olight S1

Nick’s Give a Kit:

Lead Holder/Clutch Pencil

Beta QR

Spyderco Native 5 in S110V

Spyderco Mule in LC 200N



Gear Geeks Live Episode 94: Where there is a Will…

Today’s guest is the great Will Hodges, the man behind some of the coolest EDC pens on the planet.  He is about to release the Gen 2 Movers and Shakers on Kickstarter and he came by to chat about obsessing over pen design.


Will: Grimsmo Rask, JBB Sorry/Not Sorry Bead, and a Gen 2 Mover

Tony: Hinderer Half Track, Klarus Mi1C, Gen 2 Shaker

Frank Howarth

North Bennet St. School


Gear Geeks Live Episode 93: A Visit from the MSM

Don’t hate me for chatting with the MSM.  As it turns out, they are pretty knowledgeable and fair in this case.  Actually, Doug Mahoney, while working for the New York Times-owned Wirecutter, is actually as non-MSM as it comes–working as a freelancer and carpenter in rural New England.

Doug wrote this articleHere is my response.  Here is a link to Episode 92, where I talked to Dan about this article.


Doug: Flat Carpenter’s Pencil, Kizer Gemini, Foam Ear Plugs

Me: Gareth Bull Small Shamwari, Muyshondt Aeon Mk. 3

Tool Snob

Moving Snow

Gear Geeks Live Audio Adventure 1: Seeking the Ultimate Edge

This the first of what will hopefully be a series of podcasts where I go on a gear-related adventure.  First up, exploring the upper limit of sharp.

After two years of use by me (and eight decades of us my someone else), my straight razor needed a new edge.  Fortunately, Howard Schechter of The Perfect Edge, lives less than half hour away.  My son and I visited and Howard was kind enough to play along.

If you need something sharpened, Howard is the man.  He could put a shaving sharp edge on a tennis ball.

Episode 91: We Been Jammin’ Cheap Knives

Ben Schwartz, New Editor over on Knife News, joins me for a discussion of our favorite budget knives.

Boy did Ben and I ramble and I took horrible notes, so I apologize.

Ben can be found at:

Knife News

Goodman Darkness on Twitter (is controversial, so be warned)


He has some good book and video game recs: Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay and Bloodborne.


Ben: Benchmade 940 and Tactile Turn Slider

Me: Spyderco Chaparral, UltraTac K18, and Prometheus Writes Pen

After that I have nothing for ya’.