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Episode 5

This one is a solo show, as Aaron is swamped with work and the schedule won’t allow for a weekend recording.  In this episode I go through the regular stuff, the virtual pocket dump, and the news/gear purgatory, but then lay out the thinking behind what I carry everyday and why.  On any given day here is what I am hauling around with me:

Tom Bihn Cadet (with two accessory pouches, including a power pouch with Monoprice Car USB charger)

Reuseable, fold flat insulated lunch box

Camelbak Tritan Insulated Water Bottle

Humangear Capcap

A knife or multitool

A flashlight

A pen, usually the Tuffwriter Ultimate Clicky (rocking either the Space Pen insert or the Moleskine roller ball insert for sketchnoting)

This is a shorter than usual episode, but hopefully enough to hold you over until Aaron’s baritone returns.

Episode 4

This week we take a look at custom flashlights, going through some (though not all) of the biggest and best makers in the world.  We tour through some of Don McLeish’s best designs, Cool Fall’s kilobuck torches, Mac’s bargains, Jason’s photon cannons and a few other big names.  McLeish, aka McGizmo can be found here.  Cool Fall here.  Mac here.  Photon Fanatic here.  Prometheus here.

Episode 3

Aaron is back and ready to roll.  We run down what we are carrying, including Aaron’s take on a fine light, the Olight S10 Baton.   We also run down the list of upcoming Spyderco releases that Sypercollector posted on his site.  Aaron tells us a little about his newest, super newest custom the Blount Surge.  You can reach the maker via email at  Then we roll up our sleeves and have a show down on the merits or flaws of the Kershaw Cryo.  My review is here.  Aaron’s is here.  To close out the show we answer an age old question Gear Geeks around the world have: how can I bring myself to use this new, beautiful (insert high priced piece of gear here).  Note the slight gasp Aaron makes when I confess to wanton abuse of my new custom knife.

Episode 2

With Aaron buried at work, Jacob from Blade HQ joins Gear Geeks Live for the show.  After the Virtual Pocket Dump, we chat a bit about my new custom blade from Steve Karroll (found here).  Then Jacob gives us a preview of some of the new Blade HQ exclusives and talks a bit about Knife Rights.  Finally, I take two questions from the mailbag on selector ring and infinite variable brightness flashlights.  My suggestion, the Peak Solutions Eiger, Oveready Edition can be found here.   Thanks to Jacob for stopping by.

Episode 1

Here we go in earnest.  The first show with both Aaron and I and we use what will be our standard format.  We both fawn over the new CPM steel in Aaron’s new custom–REX 121 with a HRc of 71.5.  Then we chat a bit about Aaron’s response to Nutnfancy’s Chinese knives post.  Its a little rough, but bear with us.  And as always, thanks to Blade HQ.