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Gear Geeks Live Episode 40: MT and Flashlight Recommendations

Mario from Utility Talk stopped by and helped us round out our recommendations for gear covering the multitool and flashlight spectrum.


Mario: Leatherman Charge AL, Preon 2 Hi CRI, Custom SAK from SAKmodder, GShock DW5600E

Andrew: Obtanium Wallet, Mont Blanc Meisterstuck, Rockstead Higo

Me: Rexford RUT, Gedraitis Small Pathfinder, Muyshondt Aeon, MK II


Mario: Captain Morgan Black Strap Rum in Coke

Andrew: Jameso

Me: Angel’s Envy

New Stuff and News:

Sugar Creek Charity Build Along

Andrew’s Friction Folder:


KS EDC Bag, the Bolstr

New HDS lights

The DLC/PVD controversy

KAI’s new Kershaw Limited Run Knife Site

The ZT site

The Main Topic:



Mario: Wingman

Andrew: Leatherman Squirt

Me: Squirt or SAK Alox Cadet


Mario: Wave or Gerber MP600

Andrew: Squirt or Cadet

Me: Skeletool


Mario: NOT SOG, probably Charge AL

Andrew: NOT SOG

Me: NOT SOG, Charge TTi


Same as $150



Mario: Preon 2

Andrew: None

Me: Fenix E05


Mario: Preon 2, Zebralight SC52L2

Andrew: None

Me: L3 Illumination L10C


Mario: Zebralight SC600 Mk. II

Andrew: Vortex Driver Pro

Me: Eagletac TX25C2


Mario: Eagletac SX25L3

Andrew: Andrew had to leave the podcast

Me: Muyshondt Aeon Mk. II

Mail Bag:

Modern materials and traditional patterns: like ‘em or leave ‘em?  Like TA Davison or Joe Oester

If you haven’t gotten a chance, you should really take a listen to Edge Observer over on Soundcloud.  I mellowed out listening to his stuff and writing these show notes.  I recommend the track for the Rockstead TEI in particular.

Episode 39: Getting your Grail

With August vacation coming, I thought I’d drop a podcast before I go.  Its a little out of schedule, but I won’t be around for a few weekends.

Brad Dowdy, the Pen Addict, dropped by to do an off-schedule podcast.  Its the first with the new mic and I think the improved sound quality is really noticeable.  I hope you like it.  On to notes:

Virtual Pocket Dump:


One Star Leather 4-Pocket Wallet

Spyderco Dragonfly (because his Cadet went missing)



Kershaw Emerson CQC6K

HDS Rotary 200

Obtainium Wallet

Tactile Turn Shaker

New Stuff and News:

Nock Co.

Render K Special Edition

Benchmade Vicar

Brad’s Fellhoelter Ti Bolt Review

Main Topic:

We discussed landing our grail items.  Here is my grail Light and Saber pair:

Brad landed not one, but two Nakaya fountain pens.  We discussed the process of getting grails, of the upgrade treadmill, avoiding high cost mistakes, and finally when you know its time to drop the cash.


Its only fitting that I have the Internet’s #1 enabler on when I get an email about being an enabler.

Episode 38: Andrewpalooza

Our own Andrew Gene was kind enough to sit down and discuss how he got into gear, why he is such a stickler for fit and finish, and how art shows got him into the outdoors.

Also, we welcome our second sponsor, Huckberry.  Thank them for their support and go sign up.  Their emails alone are worth it.  The fact that you can find cool shit for less than retail is nice too.

Virtual Pocket Dump:


Obtainium Wallet

Anso Carabiner

Rockstead Higo

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck


Fantoni Dweller




Obtainium Wallet

Nilte Quiete

Muyshondt Aeon

New Stuff and News:

Polymer Banknotes

Dan sold his ZT0454 to someone other than Andrew for $1800 and bough an XM-18 and a Shirogorov (the last was purchased while the episode was being recorded)

I got the Elmax PM2 from

Bower Bladeworks is auctioning off a Mini Southard with Timascus scales to kick off his new custom knife line.

Menovade released his first custom, the STUB.


Andrew: 10 year Bushmills Whiskey

Dan: Four Roses and a White Russian

Me: Jefferson’s Bourbon

Main Topic:

Andrew of The Edge Observer

Ikea Knives

Addison Electronics

After Effects

Mail Bag:

Have folks been showing off their gear forever?




Episode 37.1: Enlightenment

We accidentally uploaded the wrong MP3 file.  Here is the correct file with show notes:

Enrique Muyshondt from Muyshondt Enterprises joins Dan and I to discuss custom flashlights.  And proper training for Jedi Padawans.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Dan: Fantoni Dweller

Enrique: Mako Mk. II and Aeon Mk. II

Tony: Nielte Quiete and Aeon Mk. II

New Stuff and News:

Mako II

Bento Box Shop PM2 in Elmax

Blade HQ HEST/F in Elmax

Main Topic:

Enrique made a flashlight when he was 5 using a yogurt tube, a bulb from Radio Shack, and paper clips.

Arc LS

Photon Fanatic Indian Princess


Mailbag Questions:

Random stuff, plus:

Episode 37: Enlightenment

Enrique Muyshondt from Muyshondt Enterprises joins Dan and I to discuss custom flashlights.  And proper training for Jedi Padawans.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Dan: Fantoni Dweller

Enrique: Mako Mk. II and Aeon Mk. II

Tony: Nielte Quiete and Aeon Mk. II

New Stuff and News:

Mako II

Bento Box Shop PM2 in Elmax

Blade HQ HEST/F in Elmax

Main Topic:

Enrique made a flashlight when he was 5 using a yogurt tube, a bulb from Radio Shack, and paper clips.

Arc LS

Photon Fanatic Indian Princess


Mailbag Questions:

Random stuff, plus:

Episode 36: Olde Timey

Derrick Bohn of stopped by to talk about traditional folders.  In particular, we talked about his exclusive brand Northwoods Knives and the Indian River Jack.  Andrew and I peppered him with questions about traditional knives, the knife business, and all sorts of knife-related geekery.

Virtual Pocket Dump:

Derrick: Inova, Northwoods Knives Indian River Jack (in jigged bone), the ZT0801

Andrew:  Poo bag, Anso Carabiner, and Klarus Mi 10

Me:  Indian River Jack and Muyshondt Aeon

New Stuff:

Though not officially a Blade Show recap, we did some more recapping.

Derrick liked the look of the new ZT Hinderer, a production version of the Ecklipse.

We all liked the look of the new Dual Action Auto from Benchmade.

We discussed the implications of Cold Steel upgrading to CTS-XHP (data sheet here) on their Recon series of folders.

We drooled over the new Bark River Springbok, designed by Bark River’s Jim Stewart.

Main Topic:  Olde Timey Knives and running a knife store

Derrick ran us through some of the nomenclature for traditional knives and talked about the Northwoods brand and how he goes about designing knives to release.  We talked a lot about the flagship knife of the line, the Indian River Jack and what makes this little gem so great.  Derrick also talked to us about Alan Carter Knives and how amazing they are.  Finally, we discussed the upcoming Knives Ship Free/Murray Carter folder and that got both Andrew and I very excited.

Mail Bag: Knife for a Kid

Derrick recommended an inexpensive Buck knife like the Bantam

Here is a link to KnivesShipFree, where you can find many of the products mentioned, and all proceeds benefit the site when you purchase things through this link:


Episode 34: One Hot Mess

Remember that picture in your high school year book, the one that is a horrible embarrassment?  Well, this podcast is a lot like that.  Chris Weinstein, the man behind the uber successful Knife Thursday website and Instagram feed, joins the normal cast for a raucous good time that devolves into that last hour at the bar you spend talking to your buddies well after you were too drunk to form cogent thoughts.


Andrew:  no light, the ZT0888 Max, some Poo Bags, the Anso Carabiner

Chris: Streamlight Stylus Pro, Fisher Space Pen, Smith and Wesson 642 Airweight

Dan: 1st gen Chris Reeve Mnandi

Me: Kershaw Cryo G10, Thrunight T10T

Drinks (all of us might have had too much):

Andrew: Jamison and some Triple Bock Beer

Chris: Coffee (okay so maybe Chris did have too much)

Dan: Sierra Nevada Porter

Me: Angel’s Envy

New Stuff and News:

Case One Arm Razor, the Emerson Wave Knife of the 1880s

Leatherman by the Numbers One Piece Multitools

Constantine Brancusi Bird in Space

Main Topic:

How Chris Got Started in Knives

SOG Flash II

Then it just got weird.  Sorry.  We will do this again with KT and make it something like professional.  Hey, they can’t all be home runs, right?

Episode 33: The Butterscotch Club

As Spring finally beats back winter, its time to go outside and its time to get some new gear.  We decide to hand out gear recommendations.  This was originally going to cover knives, lights, and multitools but we ran out of time, so it is just knives.  The rest will be covered later.


Dan: Boker Kwaiken Flipper

Andrew: Nothing other than the Anso Carabiner

Me: SPY 007 and the Charles Gedraitis Small Pathfinder Flipper


Dan: An Old Fashioned

Andrew: Jamison Whisky and McAuslan Oatmeal Stout

Tony: Angel’s Envy

New Stuff and News:

Recap of the Northeast Cutlery Collector’s Association Annual Show

Abe Axes

Northwoods Knives Indian River Jack

Lionsteel TM-1

Top Secret CRKT


Quick Hit YouTube Channels:

555 Gear

Sticks to Drum

Average Iowa Guy

Snare Man

Weiners and Steel


Under $30

Dan: ESEE Zancudo, Ontario RAT 1 and 2, CRKT Swindle, Victorinox Cadet

Andrew: Kershaw Injection, Opinel #8,

Tony: CRKT Drifter, Spyderco Clipitool with Driver


Dan: Boker Titan, Cold Steel Mini Lawman, Kershaw Knockout

Andrew: Spyderco Delica, Benchmade Mini Grip

Tony: Cold Steel Mini Recon, Kershaw Skyline, Spyderco Dragonfly II in ZDP-189


Dan: Hogue EX01, Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Andrew: Spyderco Paramilitary 2, Benchmade Torrent, Spyderco Techno

Tony: Spyderco Calypso 3, Spyderco Chaparral in CF with CTS-XHP, Spyderco Techno

$300 and up

Dan: Lionsteel SR2

Andrew: Gauntlet of Sauron

Tony: Sebenza, TAD Dauntless, custom at a knife show

You can purchase all of the blades listed above at Blade HQ and purchasing through this link will help the podcast:

Blade HQ


Dan’s Winner: Joseph King, Gator King

50 review winner: Mk McKinley (Brous Blade)

T-shirt winner: Spidey Mike

Everyone email me with addresses at:

everydaycommentary at gmail dot com in the usual format and I will coordinate shipping out prizes.




Episode 32: A Nuclear Bomb in My Pants

Episode 32 is all about Dan, the often quiet co-host.  For those that don’t pay attention, Dan founded in 2009-2010 and set the template for all other knife review websites.  Given his normal quiet demeanor, it was time we turned the spotlight on him.  This one is all about Dan.


Dan: Alox Cadet and 47s MLR2

Andrew: Rockstead Higo, Anso Carabiner v3, and the Solitaire Meisterstuck

Tony: Peak Eiger, Boker Kwaiken

We also touched on the Dietz modded Kwaiken.

New Stuff and News:

Kizer v. Tim Britton


Scorpio Designs Shapeshifter

Main Topic:

Dozier Knives


Benchmade Griptillian

Sage 1

Lionsteel SR1

Terry Renner Knives


If you could give everyone one piece of gear what would it be?

Dan: Cadet


Tony: Lifestraw


Oh shit, dude!  Look over your shoulder!