A long time fan of gear and podcasts, I decided to start Gear Geeks Live when I realized there was no podcast out there for the gear obsessed.  I run Everyday Commentary, write for AllOutdoor, and I post in forums (EDCF, USN) as Rawls.  In real life, I am a dad to a three year old boy who is part devil and part nuclear reactor of energy.  My wife is a great and patient partner who was the inspiration for the blog (“You can’t spend any money on this stuff…we have a kid coming.”).  I word as a lawyer, though I was educated in philosophy and only half-heartedly became a lawyer.   I am 35 years old and grew up near an expanse of state forest in Ohio but I live in Massachusetts now.  I love flashlights, knives, pens, bags, and anything else well designed.

Grail: Anso custom

Favorite piece of gear under $100: Spyderco Dragonfly II in ZDP-189 with FRN handles

Gear pet peeve: Shitty ding prone water bottles